Diaper Bag - Azul

This colorful messenger style diaper bag has been woven in a traditional Mayan backstrap loom.  It features five inside pockets for easy organization.  It includes a matching changing pad and adjustable tying shoulder strap.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Size: 17.5'L x 10.5'H

Origin: Chiapas, México

Weaver: Maribel Santiz 

In Chiapas, the tradition of weaving on the backstrap loom (telar de cintura) has been maintained over the centuries thanks to social rituals, such as giving weaving sticks to newborn girls (although these days, weaving is no longer universal among girls but it is almost exclusive to them). These deep-rooted mechanisms of cultural transmission have nurtured the difficult cultural survival of backstrap loom weaving, even as it has adapted to new economic conditions.

Due to the specialized artisan weaving technique, it is possible for this product to have small irregularities in their fabric, such as small weavers knots or slightly loose pieces of yarn called "pulls." These variances make each product one-of-a-kind.